Photo: Warm, pleasant, off the beaten path, we visit Georgetown, Malaysia

On a cruise bound from Singapore to Dubai, U.A.E., we stopped for a too short afternoon in Georgetown, Malaysia. A veritable melting pot of races, cultures and empires, we had no trouble getting around in a tricycle- while another one, carrying our wheelchair, trailed behind.

Click the following link to read about the adventures of Nancy and Nate while traveling with disabilities in Malaysia.

Malaysia has fervently embraced modern technology it boasts two of the world's tallest skyscrapers and a huge cyber center for computer businesses. But it still has some of the world's most remote jungle (in Sabah and Sarawak), one of Southeast Asia's most vibrant old ports (Georgetown). This is an extensive site, and the best place to begin to plan travel to Malaysia.

This is a small site, supplying you with essential details and local customs, such as how to greet someone, taking off shoes before entering homes, and the like.







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